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Jieyanow Atelier:  with love from Malaysia

September 14, 2023
In this short article, I will briefly introduce Jieyanow Atelier, a Malaysian stationery brand that has a special place in my heart. It was with Jieyanow Atelier that Jonna Studio began, and I am so thankful to Jieyan, the founder of Jieyanow Atelier, for her inspiring work, and her generosity and trust in us. Read more below...
Jieyanow Atelier:  with love from Malaysia
Photo (c) Jieyanow Atelier
Foto (c) Jieyanow Atelier

Jieyanow Atelier was founded in Malaysia in 2018.  Jieyanow Atelier creates rubber stamps and craft papers with a dark but romantic aesthetic. In 2023, the decorative tape "Odes to Life" was added to their portfolio.

Most of their product range is designed and handmade in Malaysia.  The high-quality wood in the rubber stamp handles is ethically sourced. The holders are hand-cut, sanded, and coated by hand, preserving the natural appearance and character of the wood.

Jieyanow Atelier values nature, slow living, and old things. Their first collection of rubber stamps, In the Wild, I, is inspired by simple wildflowers, which, despite their beauty, often go unnoticed. Several other rubber stamps have taken inspiration from nature and plants, such as Silene Vulgaris, inspired by modest maidenstears, and Baby's Breath Bouquet with romantic gypsum flowers.

Foto (c) Jieyanow Atelier

Jieyanow Atelier attaches importance to gratitude, noticing the small joys of everyday life, and self-love. It was with the stamp series Slow Living, a collection dedicated to slow life, that I hopelessly fell in love with Jieyan's handiwork. This series features rubber stamps inspired by old books, good wine, and incense, inviting you to capture beautiful moments and plan more moments of pleasure in your life.

Jonna Studio has an almost complete Jieyanow Atelier collection, and new products are constantly being added. See the products here.

Have you found your Jieyanow Atelier favorite?
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