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How to apply transfer stickers?

October 09, 2023
In this short article, we will show you how to use and apply transfer stickers.
How to apply transfer stickers?
Photo (c) Pion
In Jonna Studio, we offer various transfer stickers (also known as rub-on and print-on stickers) . Transfer stickers are great for layering and for creating collages. You can apply them to almost any smooth surface. Transfer stickers include the top layer (transparent sheet), middle layer (transfer pattern), and bottom layer (release paper).

1. Cut out the pattern to be transferred.
2. Remove the release paper from the bottom of the pattern.
3. Place the sticker on the surface for transfer ( a smooth flat surface is optimal ).
4. Use a coin, credit card, or something similar to apply repeated pressure (gently rubbing) to all areas of the pattern on the upper transparent sheet.
5. Finally, remove the upper transparent sheet and the pattern will be transferred to the object's surface due to pressure.


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