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Leuchtturm1917: a cult brand from Germany

October 28, 2023
In this short post, we introduce the stationery brand Leuchtturm1917 and some of their planners and notebooks.
Leuchtturm1917: a cult brand from Germany
Photo (c) Jonna Studio
Founded more than 100 years ago in Germany, Leuchturm1917 has now become a cult brand among stationery lovers, characterized by functional design, high quality and a wide range of colors. Leuchturm1917 notebooks and planners are ideal companions for both work and daily use. Their practical features, such as table of contents, numbered sheets, and pockets, will help you organize your notes and find the information you need quickly.

Here we highlight three ways to use Leuchturm1917 notebooks:

1. As a source of inspiration: Leuchturm1917 notebooks are great for gathering ideas and finding inspiration. By choosing a notebook with blank or dotted pages, you can design the notebook exactly as you want them to be. You can also use the notebooks as a visual diary, creating collages and pasting pictures, cut-outs or other sources of inspiration. It helps you stimulate your creativity and generate new ideas.

2. Helps you to get organized: Leuchturm1917 notebooks are also great tools for increasing productivity. The numbered pages and table of contents in the notebooks will help you quickly find your notes, and thanks to dotted pages, you can structure your thoughts clearly. In addition, the notebook also has pockets where you can store ephemera, loose notes or business cards.  In Jonna Studio, we use the Leuchturm Paperback B6+ notebook to plan the daily admin aspect of our work.

3. Travel companion: Leuchturm1917 notebooks are great companions when traveling. Their compact size and durable covers ensure that you can easily bring them with you and use them at any time and anywhere. You can collect a variety of travel ephemera, such as postcards, tickets, photos, etc., in the pocket on the back cover to later decorate your travel notebook. Also check out our Hahnemühle Travel journal notebook series.

We offer various notebooks and planners from Leuchturm1917 products (see here).
Check out our selection and find a stylish companion that will help you discover your creative potential.

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