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Stationery Capsule Box: what is it?

January 17, 2024
When we find a new hobby or develop a strong interest in something, we tend to collect many items or materials related to it. This is because we are typically unsure about the exact tools required, the preferred style, or the materials that we will use the most. It is the same with papercraft and journaling, we just accumulate a lot of supplies over time, and then possibly forget what we already have. We might also feel distracted and overwhelmed by the choices when considering all our supplies at once and might struggle creating our best works. I am looking for ways to use my stash more effectively, so I came across the concept of stationery capsule box. Read more on the topic below :)
Stationery Capsule Box: what is it?
Photo (c) Jonna Studio
Recently, I've noticed that many journalers are planning to buy less and more mindfully, sell some of their pre-loved stationery, and be more mindful of how they use their existing stationery. One of the ways to do that is to create a stationery capsule box.  In December last year, I was inspired by a lot of people creating and using their Christmas-themed stationery boxes. People discovered they already had accumulated quite a lot of holiday-themed stamps, washi tapes and stickers from previous years and did not have to buy new ones to decorate their December planner spreads and journal entries.

I am passionate about both knitting and journaling, so I have accumulated a lot of supplies for each craft. Often I like to work with my stash for a while without going to buy anything for a project. I often feel inspired to work with the same materials for many consecutive projects, so I keep those close at hand on my desk. A stationery capsule box is going a step further, though. Stationery box is a curated selection of preferred stationery to use over a defined period (i.e a week, a month, a season). It should all fit into a shoe box or a small desk toolbox.

How to create a capsule collection of stationery?

You can begin by first deciding on a theme for your collection (see more on that topic below), or alternatively, just browse your stash first to get an idea of what you have. When going through your stash, you might rediscover something you've forgotten about, or neglected to use. You can discover that you have a lot of some product or material and might want to build your capsule around this material, or, alternatively send some of this to your penpal, journaling buddy or offer for sale on your destash account.

The capsule could be seasonal, or color-coordinated, or just compiled of items that you are most excited about at this moment. For a while, I kept Plus x Minus DejaVu washi tape on my desk and made almost every collage with this tape, since I was so inspired by its vintage vibe and neutral tones. At the moment, I am most inspired by the cute-kawaii style of Freckles Tea, so I keep a few samples of the MoriPoetry tape close at hand to use in my journals.

The capsule collection could also be based on the theme of your main journal (for example, bookish stationery for your reading journal, or everything connected to gardening and plants for your gardening or houseplant journal), or you could pre-pick a theme for each month and work with this theme to create a capsule collection for each month.

Why create a stationery capsule collection?

There are several benefits to creating a capsule collection. For example, it might
  • help you consume less and more mindfully, appreciating what you already have.
  • spark creativity: using a defined set of stationery items can be a challenge, but it will surely spark your creativity to find various ways of using what we already have.
  • declutter both your workspace and your mind, creating more room for your inspiration to flow.
  • your daily, weekly and monthly spreads will look more coherent when using a defined set of materials and tools creatively. It is easier to create rhythm and patterns with a defined set of tools, and having a predictable pattern might have a calming effect on you.
Another option to downsize or simplify your journaling is to create
a stationery capsule folder. In a folder you can store a variety of paper ephemera, notecards, tickets, stickers, tape cut-outs, etc. This is a great option for traveling and for taking journaling with you on the go. You could keep the folder alongside your journal or planner (for example, Traveler's Notebook kraft paper folder alongside your other inserts), or just store it in the pocket of your planner cover.  Obviously, you cannot store your rubber stamps in your folder, but you could prepare your own stamped ephemera beforehand, stamping on a separate sheet of paper and cutting out shapes to make collages later on the go. You could also create small collage clusters or journaling cards for your capsule folder to use later in your journals.

Have you tried this before, or are eager to try? Do let me know via DM on Instagram :)

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