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Interview with Jieyanow Atelier

February 05, 2024
Jieyanow Atelier was founded in 2018 in Malaysia. Jieyanow Atelier provides a wide collection of rubber stamps and paper products to add sparks to your journals and crafts, a space for self-love and self-expression. All their products are made with love and packaged with attention to detail. 

Jieyanow Atelier was one of Jonna Studio's first brands and I am grateful for all their generosity and inspiration over the past years. The brand has also won the hearts of the customers of Jonna Studio in Estonia and abroad, so we are delighted to bring you an interview with one of the founders of Jieyanow Atelier, Jieyan of Jieyanow Atelier. The interview was conducted via email in January-February 2024.
Interview with Jieyanow Atelier
Photo (c) Jieyanow Atelier

1. Who is behind Jieyanow Atelier? How did your adventure into the stationery world begin?

Jieyanow Atelier was founded by me and my sister, Vengyan with a flair of love for stationery and a visionary of little things in life that matter. 

In the autumn days of 2018, I stumbled upon the beauty of wildflowers on the road that we often look at and wondered how pretty they would be on journal pages. I went on to capture the intricate beautiful detail of them and the In The Wild I rubber stamp set with Vengyan's handsewn packaging pouch was born.

2. Can you tell us a little about your creative process? How does a new collection come to life?

Me and my sister often find inspiration from daily life, songs or books. Each stroke and fine detail introduced goes through layers of thoughts gradually to shape its character. Every bit of it is designed with immense passion. For example, the handles of our rubber stamps are made of solid wood which is ethically sourced in Malaysia. The handles are cut by hand by my father and go through layers of sanding and buffing, bringing you the imperfectly beautiful piece from Mother Nature. Rubber stamps are then mounted by hand on the solid wood handle, and finished with a natural clear coating. Each piece of creation will then be packaged beautifully.

3. What emotions do you try to inspire?

Jieyanow Atelier curates timeless classic stationeries with intention and their ability to convey messages. Each collection has a story to add spark to journals and crafts, a sacred space for self-love and self-expression. Jieyanow Atelier is also passionate about making beautiful product packaging with a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. Our commitment means we are constantly working to improve the way we produce and package our products with reusable and recyclable materials.

4. What is your favourite product you've created and why?

My favourite product would be the In The Wild I rubber stamp set where it all started. The set carries a lot of strength and courage for a start-up and has then flown to many countries across the globe. It means the world to us.


We offer a wide selection of Jieyanow Atelier, including the gorgeous PET-tape Odes to Life and the Kozo notebook Letter to Self

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Thank you for being here and supporting a family business <3

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