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notebook CD Note B7, Apica

C.D. NOTEBOOK is a long-selling notebook, and the cover page is inherited from Apica's predecessor Nippon Note Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1916. Perfect for everyday writing and notetaking, Apica C.D. notebooks feature retro/vintage covers, great paper, fabric-covered spines, and reliable thread binding. The pleasantly textured covers are made of thick cardstock, and the acid-free Oji Paper's special paper ensures that your writings will last a long time.
  • Cover: Softcover cardstock, black
  • Material: 81 gsm acid-free
  • Pages: Ruled 6 mm, 17 lines, 36 sheets, thread stitching
  • Size: (B7) 128mm x 91mm
Made in Japan
Photos (c) Apica.

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