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What is an art journal?

September 12, 2023
In this short blog article, I will discuss art (or creative) journaling and will give some tips on how to begin with the practise.
What is an art journal?
Photo (c) Marianne Lind, Jonna Studio

An art or a creative journal is a visual diary in which you can use different art techniques and creative media to express your feelings and thoughts in addition to writing (or instead of writing), e.g. drawing, making collages from various papers and other materials, using rubber stamps or watercolors, etc.

You don't need great artistic talent or expensive art supplies to begin a creative diary. On the contrary, often, a special
notebook or a fine brush may become an
obstacle and cause a creative block. Nor
should you set yourself the goal of creating
something beautiful or something to show
and share with others immediately.

A creative diary can be a safe place to express yourself freely or record the impressions of the day - just like the usual (written) diary we hid under the pillow and hoped no one would find.

To get started, you just need a simple notebook, a piece of card, or other suitable substrate on which you're going to create your collages or keep your journal. You will also need some art supplies that you feel comfortable using or are excited to try, like pencils, brushes, watercolors, craft papers or cutouts from old magazines, glue,  rubber stamps, washi or PET-tapes, stickers, etc.

On the photo (left) you can see a simple 3-4 element journaling collage. The background is a simple ink stain. On top of the ink stain I pasted PET tape cutouts ( Plus x Minus; Pion). Lastly I used the Jieyanow Atelier rubber stamp "Hygge":)

At the moment, I've got more than four creative journals in process, and that's okay. Art journaling practice is more about the process and being in the moment, and less about the final "product", although completing a journal can also be very enjoyable. You can always come back to your old collages later on, and add something to them or change them, letting them settle a bit in the meantime.

Foto (c) Marianne Lind, Jonna Studio

Find more inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram by searching keywords like art journal, art journaling or junk journal, junk journaling.

Thank you for reading :)
Until next time,


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