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stickers Phases to Loving You, Jieyanow Atelier

[Phases to Loving YOU] collection is all about SELF-LOVE. Journal with this collection, authentically express yourself and notice how much of a difference you’ll feel once you start laying your stream of thoughts and feelings on paper. There’s only one of you and you deserve to be loved by YOU. The stickers 

  • Each set comes in 2 sheets measuring 16cm x 10cm with die-cut moon phases.
  • Each moon phase measures 2.5cm in diameter, and the bottom blue pattern measures 2.2cm in diameter.
  • Sticker sheets are lovingly packaged in a delicate tracing paper envelope.

Photos  (c) Jieyanow Atelier. 
Other items in photos are not part of the listing.

Designed and made in Malaysia.

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