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rubber stamp set Lovely Lace, Jieyanow Atelier

A rubber stamp set by Jieyanow Atelier. With a promise of intricate detailing, these lovely laces are designed with seamless edges for you to create patterns, DIY wrappers, lace ribbons, and lace frames. 

  • Two set variations available: Lovely Lace 1 and Lovely Lace 2.
  • The set consists of two stamps, measuring 1,5 x 7 cm each.

The stamp consists of a solid wood handle and a rubber stamp. The handles are hand-cut and go through layers of sanding, buffing, and clear coating. Rubbers are mounted by hand.

The set is lovingly packaged in a delicate satin-silk bag.

Photos (c) Jieyanow Atelier.
Other items on photos are not part of the listing.
Designed and made in Malaysia.
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